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Visiting my Ex….

I came to my ex boyfriend’s house yesterday because he was getting a new car and we wanted me to go with him.
And I have to admit, I wanted to come too.
I wouldn’t do this for anyone else, but he’s been my best friend for years πŸ™‚
Anyways, I come here normally about twice a month, and it’s always fun.
But this time it’s not so much… so far.
Which sucks! Because I just want to have as much fun as we can before I leave for a year.
It’s going to be so hard to not have him around for a whole year, so I’m trying to suck up as much of him as I can now to hopefully hold me through.

So yesterday he picked me up from a train station an hour away and we drove to his house and hung out until we had to go get the car.
Once we got into the new car, I told him I was proud of him and that I really liked the car.
We drove around town and met up with some of his friends, then when we left them, he got angry with me!
He started to yell at me. And I had done nothing wrong. Then I just lost it. It costs me about 50 dollars each time I visit him, and I am jobless so it’s no easy feat to come here, and I was here last week!
So short story – I turned to him and yelled that if he doesn’t knock it off I would go Β home tomorrow and he wouldn’t be seeing me anymore. I only came down for his car and made the whole day about him and I had done nothing for him to yell at me that way. And he has to realize this is the last little bit of time he would see me because I am leaving.
He then admitted he was mad because his friend was trying to bug him and had licked his window or whatever.
But I had nothing to do with that.
So he said he thinks he had every right to be mad.
Yes, he did. But not at me. I’m not the one going around licking windows.



So first of all, sorry for bombarding you all with my past posts πŸ™‚

Anyways, today I bought my plane ticket!
So officially, I will be going to Denmark at 9:10pm on October 2nd!! πŸ™‚
Just over 100 days πŸ˜€
How exciting.!

Omg my friend kills me. Just sent me the most TMI text of my lifeeee!
I don’t think I should share though, because you know… TMI πŸ˜‰

So to start my count down week, I am going back to my hometown to my bestfriend/ ex’s house πŸ™‚
I might explain that whole situation another time.
He doesn’t work too much this week, but when he does I might be able to update this πŸ™‚

So if anyone actually reads this can you comment and give me advice?

Should I tell people I know about this blog or just leave it online for people to read for more information about au pairs?

Oh one thing I am so sad about is I won’t be able to drive in Denmark because I only have my G1 license. So it’s pretty much just a learners permit.
I could have got my G2 before I left, but it won’t come in handy on my trip.
My G1 expires next June thought which is bad since it’s my only form of proper ID. FML!

Anyways, this was just a short message about my plane ticket which turned into a pointless ramble, SO I will be going to bed now.
I have a train to catch tomorrow just before 10 in the morning.

God Nat! πŸ™‚

Yesterday I was able to meet Astrid and her mum Henriette which was so nice!
They are such a lovely family.
They brought Helle a bouquet of flowers and even got me a birthday present!
By the end of this visit, Astrid and I were talking so much that her mim had to keep telling her they had to go. I would love to live with them but am so nervous. I’m not sure ow I can commit to one year, that’s so long!!


Myself, Astrid and Henriette πŸ™‚

My birthday burger... HUGE!!!!


Breakfast Birthday Table!


I can’t believe I’m 20 now!
Today when I came downstairs I was greeted with the Danish birthday song, followed by the English so that was very nice!
Then we Β had the Danish meal and the Danish flag on the table.
After opening my present, we headed to Aarhus for some exploring.
We went through a bunch of shops then had lunch on the canal.
We were sooo lucky to get a seat at all let alone one next to the canal because all of the tables were taken.
And the burger I got at this place was even bigger than my other one!!

Anyways, this evening we went to the beach and I forced my mum to come swimming with me!
Tomorrow we are meeting my potential host family and I am so nervous. Yet excited.
But I’m not sure I can commit to a whole year.

We’ll see………………





So today we made it to Ebeltoft.
We were up for 630 am to get ready to take the bus.
When we came here we had a lovely warm meal – a keish, veggies and cheese.
We then went on a long adventure through Ebeltoft going through the shops and taking pictures.
We then went on a walk along the water and by the time we got home our feet were so sore!

But I’m exhausted and it’s my birthday tomorrow, so goodnight!!

So I didn’t get a chance yesterday to mention that we also went to the beach!!
It was only at a lake, but nicer than in Canada, it almost felt like the ocean.

I have taken very many pictures and we have only been here a few days.

I found a very nice shell and stone yesterday that I will bring home with me.

My Shell πŸ™‚


Today, we have done so much traveling!
We first went to a campsite that was on the sea and spent time walking in the water.
After that, we went to a small shop to look around.
Then we Β went to an ice cream parlor and I had the biggest burger of my life an it was only considered a SMALL size!!!
The guys at the table next to me had the large size and it was HUGE!!!!!!
Then for desert we had ice cream which was also so large!
A little girl had an ice cream even bigger than mine and it was because her mum promised she could have an ice cream that would reach to heaven.
So you have this little girl with a gigantic ice cream and she was bumping into everyone and everything and never dropped a thing!

Oh and we also went to a marina and saw children catching crabs.
It was funny and the crabs were fighting in the buckets! 1022 pictures so far!


My Burger!


My Ice Cream!


Children fishing for crabs... It looks so fun!


We then came home just to grab our sweaters and we were off again to a castle called Dragsholm Slot.
We came here last time we visited, but unlike last time, this time we got to go look inside!
I love castles.
I love to think about what life was like back when they were built and I think about who lived in them.
This place now has a restaurant in it and some hotel rooms.
It still has its old musty smell.
I LOVE THAT! ❀ ❀ ❀
I took pictures of myself in some of the mirrors which are from like the 1700’s.
How lame!
Has anyone else ever done that?
I’m lucky I carry 3 cameras because I had to keep switching memory cards as I ran out of space.
My 3rd day in Denmark and I kill 20 GB!!


Dragsholm Slot


What a beautiful view!


We have finally made it to Denmark!
We got to the airport in Toronto 4 hours early, but the time went by quickly. On the plane we had personal tvs which I was so glad for.
I watched The Simpsons, Family Guy and The Cleveland Show. When we finally arrived in Iceland, I was excited to go walk around, but by the time we finally got through security our plane had already started boarding for our flight to Copenhagen.
Other than that, there is not much new to tell.
I was asleep by 7pm yesterday. I went to rest my eyes, and next thing I knew I was being woken up and told to put on pjs then go back to sleep πŸ™‚
We also did go to a small shop yesterday to look around and we also went and did some grocery shopping.
I have missed the Danish chocolate. Today I think we are going to a shopping mall. We went there last time we visited and we got some great things.

I look forward to practicing my photography on this trip!
My new camera really hasn’t been used much since I got it for Christmas.
I’m also trying to figure out a texting plan while I’m here.

We also did see some family.




So today we went to the shopping mall and I got 2 new rings. I was also so excited because I got The Princess and the Frog on dvd.
I already have it, but this one is in Danish πŸ˜€

It’s about a day and a half until mum and I go to Denmark for 2 weeks! The day after my birthday I get to meet Astrid, then find out if I am to spend a year with her in Denmark.
I sort of want to – for a few reasons. I have nothing going for me here right now, I am tired of living at home and I can’t afford to move out.
Truth be told, if I could afford it, I would just move into a place with Mike. There would be a lot of good things to come with moving too though. For instance – the family seems nice, learn Danish, earn money, make friends etc. But I can GUARANTEE homesickness!!

I made a sad attempt at journalling my trip to Denmark so my next few posts are just going to be copies of what I had hand written in my book.

So if you have no interest in that, you will want to skip ahead πŸ™‚

This post is going to be all about the family I will be staying with in October.

So as I was still communicating with the first family of interest, Astrid found me on Facebook and sent a very short message asking if I had found a family yet, and if not, if I was still interested in coming to Denmark as an Au Pair.

I will be honest, I had seriously contemplated ignoring the message. I didn’t know how she found me anyways. But, I’m the only one with my name so it only really takes one Facebook attempt πŸ˜‰
But I decided that I would let her know I wasn’t yet spoken for to hear about how it would be if I were to work for them.

She explained to me that she had a 4 year old son and had moved back in with her parents. Keep in mind, she is only 25.
The fact that she is so close to my age is something that I really liked. But I have been very cautious during this process so I don’t end up with a horrible experience.

We began to message each other on Facebook nearly every day. And it wasn’t small messages, if you were to copy them to Microsoft Word, they turn out to be about 2- 3 pages long on average! After talking for a few weeks, we decided to meet when mum and I went to visit Denmark for 2 weeks.

When we met them, it was amazing!
Mum still teases me because of how much Astrid and I were able to chat, since I am normally very shy with people I have never met.
Once we were talking with Astrid and her mum, we noticed that their family is a lot like ours which mum says will be a huge benefit for me.
They also have 2 small dogs! LOVE! And they just got a horse as well πŸ™‚
It is perfect!

Since my biggest fear has been homesickness, talking so frequently with Astrid helps me to look forward to it, and pulls me out of my anxiety!
She is already someone I would call a close friend! She is much more caring than most friends I have in Canada.
If she doesn’t have time to send me a long message she sometimes sends me just a little thing to show me she is thinking of me!

I actually thought that she would find it weird how calming I find it to talk to her today, but she knows the feeling. She went to Au Pair in Switzerland and didn’t have such a good experience. She was very lonely, so she understands the feeling and will be able to help pull me through.
Today I thanked her for all she has been doing lately and told her how much it helps and she responded saying:
“… I write you before we leave tommorrow, just wanted to say that im very happy each time i get a “letter” its great to get to know you;) and i like hearing what you are doing, and in this way you also know how our everydaylife is like, what we do and where we go..:)Β πŸ™‚ ”

Just her saying this is so amazing because it makes me feel like I will genuinely be wanted in her home and she is excited to have me. None of my friends are like that and it is just so nice. I am so grateful!
This is the short version because it’s late at night and I am very tired from lack of sleep!


Astrid and I