Yesterday was possibly the worst day of my life in yearssssss!
Everything that could go wrong did go wrong.
And I got quite an earful of  yelling throughout the entire day!

1. I checked my email first thing in the morning and had an email from the Danish consulate, subject line reading “Regarding your application for Denmark”
So I was ecstatic thinking my visa had been accepted! But – turns out I needed an extra 1000 bucks in my account OR a return ticket. So since I’m not really sure when I’m coming back, my mum spotted me the 1000 dollars. I’m not using any of the money mum has put in my account, it’s just for paperwork mainly. And if I get into trouble 😉
Then I also had to send in some extra information about my travel insurance to prove I was covered for everything I needed.
So I was calm about it and like OK so I just need to scan these suckers and send them in.
Then I told my mum about it. And the day just went downhill from there.
Everything we did, she would be so stressed over and get so angry.

2. We had to go to the bank to pay bills (including my visa….) and to transfer the money needed to my travel account. So mum wasn’t happy about paying my visa – yes this i understand! But then we had to make an appointment with an accountant to transfer the money so had to leave again and come back.

3. We came home and our cell phone bill was in the mail……….
It charged me for all calls made in August to a friend who was on my my5 since December 26th! (Yes I know this for a fact 😉 ) Anyways, the mobile company tried to tell me that I never added him until September first and offered to remove all charges from September and on… There were no charges in September….
So I got yelled at for this as well.

4. We were late for our bank appointment because my grandpa was late coming over to help us set up some things. Then was having to wait 24 hours for the money transfer.

5. Mum made a cake and it didnt turn out well.

But finally my mum started to chill a bit and the evening was calm.
Then I texted my friend saying I wanted to talk to him.
So he called finally and I thought we were having a good conversation and he knew how bad my day had gotten yet he then randomly decided that it was a good opportunity to start yelling at me and insulting me about things he thought I was being stupid about.
Long story short I took him off my facebook because that seemed to make things better with us before blah blah <insert long personal story here>
So anyways, his theory was it was best to have one bad day so just threw it in there.
It was crappy because I thought we were having a good talk at first.
He’s mainly just angry that I’m leaving for a year…

So with all this stuff going on I just felt so ready to board a plane last night.

But alas.. 11 more days 😉

Good news however ….


And my money was transfered to my account this morning instead of at 4pm so I have already emailed the proof to the Danish Embassy!
Lets just pray that I get accepted… and soon!
Since I don’t have a return ticket – I may get rejected at the airport without a visa.
So I figure I will just print off emails I have from the Embassy and Consulate as proof saying I should get it in another 4 weeks 🙂

11 more days my lovelies 🙂