So yesterday was officially on month until I leave Canada! And at this time in one month (!2:16AM Danish Time) I will be sleeping in my new home 🙂 🙂
The family I will be staying with has just gotten new fish today which excites me :)!
And they have ordered me a bed AND one for my mum when she visits! Um. Can you believe this?
I have found such caring and hospitable people! It helps me get even more excited! 🙂

My mum has asked about following my tumblr but she doesn’t even know what tumblr is! hahaha.
She just wants to learn about all of my experiences. But I’ll end up telling her everything anyways.
Plus what happens if I want to talk about something intimate. There’d be no privacy.
Well obviously no privacy since this IS the internet. But I’d rather my mother not learn about if I have a beer or something.
She hates me even having a sip of alcohol. And yes, I am legal 😉
Plus if we get in a fight and I want to vent?
I don’t need her reading everything, I’ll need to filter for her 🙂

Anyways, so excited, I wish I was leaving tonight !! 😀