I almost wish that I had a blog dedicated to my rants of the drama that seems to fill my life daily these past few weeks.

I talk with Astrid in Denmark almost daily, and we talk a little bit about it, but I don’t want to sound so depressing… So I try to hold back. Even when she asks. I don’t want her to get second thoughts about me.
Everything has gone to shit since I decided to leave. Only my truest friend’s have been at my side.
I will be going to Denmark a single woman.

Is it bad that I’m already thinking I want to fall in love when I’m away?
Being married to a Dane would be perfect.
Even a German.
They’re close enough 😉
Break ups are always hard. I just need to get through this.
Sometimes its harder than others.

I used to write poems. Maybe I should start up again?

Anyways, I’ve also been going through mood swings about leaving.
One week I am so scared that I want to back out – expensive plane ticket be damned.
But other times I am so excited that I don’t care about the long plane ride, or the colder weather or not knowing many people.
Sometimes I even get so into it that I look forward to even just the wait at the airport so I can shop at Duty Free stores 😉
And last night was one of those nights.
I was up until about 230am going over a bunch of possible situations which would be such fun!
Even how to celebrate my birthday next June. Kind of far off – Yes I know.
Then at 330am I had to pee.. and it took forever to fall asleep again.
Needless to say, I was in no position to get up at 530 for the gym.
Not that I have for a few months.
But I had big plans to start again!!

And now it’s 1230am and it seems like another long night.
Today has had so much drama that my stomach is turning in so many positions and it hurts.
This has been happening a lot over the few weeks.
But at least it makes me so excited to go away for a year and start new.
But then I get scared about what I will do when I have to return to this life in a bit over a year.
I shouldn’t get so ahead of myself.
Though, I am loving that I am in an excited stage for my trip instead of dreading every step and thinking of the worst scenarios in my mind.
I’ve been on tumblr a lot and I am actually following a lot of people who have been going to Denmark this month so far and it is so exciting to hear about their experiences.
I hope that my blog manages to entertain at least one person. 😉

Every few days I get myself onto a day countdown to see how many days I have left to departure and now I’m at 42 🙂 Almost a month 🙂
I start packing in 8 days believe it or not! OMG!
And some other guy I’m following just went to Iceland today and he had the neatest countdown and it looked like it was from his phone and I wanna know what app that is, because I downloaded a few, but none have a day count down! Only weeks and months.
Obviously I need more than that 🙂

Anyways, I’m all ready for bed now, so maybe I should actually fall asleep before its morning in Denmark and I end up texting with Astrid!
I get so excited to talk with her that it often keeps me up at night if she texts before I’m asleep 🙂

And she informed me a few days ago that she got a tv for my room.
I am so stoaked to have my own little movie days when I’m homesick or just plain sick 😉