This is just a random rant like post.

This summer has been going by Way. Too. Fast.
Lately on Facebook, I have seen people posting pictures of proms, grads and now summer adventures.
What have I been doing? Sitting around my house. Which I have been doing since late December. Aside from my trip to Denmark for 2 weeks.
I have lost quite a few friends since I left high school, and I’m really starting to notice.
The only person I have hung out with at all in months is Mike. Which is a whole complicated thing.
I just want to have some really close girlfriends to spend time with and go to the beach.
I had ended two friendships just two weeks ago and had contacted both of them today in hopes of making plans.
And they both seem up to it. The friendships ended because there was no contact anymore and I figured it was bound to get worse once I left Canada,
but now I figure, why not try to have some fun before I leave?
And I always do have a great time with the both of them.
One of the girls (Sam) actually came to me today too upset and letting me know her dog is getting put down this week. And Britt’s (the other girl) dog was put down earlier this year. It is so sad, but I am of course here for them. Even if we’re not friends I told them they can count on me for absolutely anything.
I still love them.

But yah. Tomorrow I will be doing the same as I did today… tv, computer, read, blah blah blah.
Tomorrow though, maybe I will spend more time outside? I was only out for half an hour today and I know I could definitely use the tan.
I start back at the gym on Tuesday, so hopefully that will kick some endorphins. I would start tomorrow but my headphones just died on me. No warning. And I don’t think I could survive an hour without it πŸ˜›
Oh. And cleaning MUST happen tomorrow. Not just my house. But my dreadful room.
In case you wanted to know πŸ˜‰

I think my biggest struggle with moving away will be the fact that I will have to keep my room clean and make my bed EVERY DAY!!!
But I actually want to learn the discipline Β to do that anyways so I am not always a mess.
I clean my room and I swear the next time I turn around it’s a mess again.
I don’t know how it happens…
Anyways, I should be sleeping instead of rambling so GOOD NIGHT!

PS. for those in the states, happy 4th of July now πŸ™‚ (12am)