So first of all, sorry for bombarding you all with my past posts 🙂

Anyways, today I bought my plane ticket!
So officially, I will be going to Denmark at 9:10pm on October 2nd!! 🙂
Just over 100 days 😀
How exciting.!

Omg my friend kills me. Just sent me the most TMI text of my lifeeee!
I don’t think I should share though, because you know… TMI 😉

So to start my count down week, I am going back to my hometown to my bestfriend/ ex’s house 🙂
I might explain that whole situation another time.
He doesn’t work too much this week, but when he does I might be able to update this 🙂

So if anyone actually reads this can you comment and give me advice?

Should I tell people I know about this blog or just leave it online for people to read for more information about au pairs?

Oh one thing I am so sad about is I won’t be able to drive in Denmark because I only have my G1 license. So it’s pretty much just a learners permit.
I could have got my G2 before I left, but it won’t come in handy on my trip.
My G1 expires next June thought which is bad since it’s my only form of proper ID. FML!

Anyways, this was just a short message about my plane ticket which turned into a pointless ramble, SO I will be going to bed now.
I have a train to catch tomorrow just before 10 in the morning.

God Nat! 🙂