We have finally made it to Denmark!
We got to the airport in Toronto 4 hours early, but the time went by quickly. On the plane we had personal tvs which I was so glad for.
I watched The Simpsons, Family Guy and The Cleveland Show. When we finally arrived in Iceland, I was excited to go walk around, but by the time we finally got through security our plane had already started boarding for our flight to Copenhagen.
Other than that, there is not much new to tell.
I was asleep by 7pm yesterday. I went to rest my eyes, and next thing I knew I was being woken up and told to put on pjs then go back to sleep 🙂
We also did go to a small shop yesterday to look around and we also went and did some grocery shopping.
I have missed the Danish chocolate. Today I think we are going to a shopping mall. We went there last time we visited and we got some great things.

I look forward to practicing my photography on this trip!
My new camera really hasn’t been used much since I got it for Christmas.
I’m also trying to figure out a texting plan while I’m here.

We also did see some family.




So today we went to the shopping mall and I got 2 new rings. I was also so excited because I got The Princess and the Frog on dvd.
I already have it, but this one is in Danish 😀