So I didn’t get a chance yesterday to mention that we also went to the beach!!
It was only at a lake, but nicer than in Canada, it almost felt like the ocean.

I have taken very many pictures and we have only been here a few days.

I found a very nice shell and stone yesterday that I will bring home with me.

My Shell 🙂


Today, we have done so much traveling!
We first went to a campsite that was on the sea and spent time walking in the water.
After that, we went to a small shop to look around.
Then we  went to an ice cream parlor and I had the biggest burger of my life an it was only considered a SMALL size!!!
The guys at the table next to me had the large size and it was HUGE!!!!!!
Then for desert we had ice cream which was also so large!
A little girl had an ice cream even bigger than mine and it was because her mum promised she could have an ice cream that would reach to heaven.
So you have this little girl with a gigantic ice cream and she was bumping into everyone and everything and never dropped a thing!

Oh and we also went to a marina and saw children catching crabs.
It was funny and the crabs were fighting in the buckets! 1022 pictures so far!


My Burger!


My Ice Cream!


Children fishing for crabs... It looks so fun!


We then came home just to grab our sweaters and we were off again to a castle called Dragsholm Slot.
We came here last time we visited, but unlike last time, this time we got to go look inside!
I love castles.
I love to think about what life was like back when they were built and I think about who lived in them.
This place now has a restaurant in it and some hotel rooms.
It still has its old musty smell.
I LOVE THAT! ❤ ❤ ❤
I took pictures of myself in some of the mirrors which are from like the 1700’s.
How lame!
Has anyone else ever done that?
I’m lucky I carry 3 cameras because I had to keep switching memory cards as I ran out of space.
My 3rd day in Denmark and I kill 20 GB!!


Dragsholm Slot


What a beautiful view!