This post is going to be all about the family I will be staying with in October.

So as I was still communicating with the first family of interest, Astrid found me on Facebook and sent a very short message asking if I had found a family yet, and if not, if I was still interested in coming to Denmark as an Au Pair.

I will be honest, I had seriously contemplated ignoring the message. I didn’t know how she found me anyways. But, I’m the only one with my name so it only really takes one Facebook attempt ๐Ÿ˜‰
But I decided that I would let her know I wasn’t yet spoken for to hear about how it would be if I were to work for them.

She explained to me that she had a 4 year old son and had moved back in with her parents. Keep in mind, she is only 25.
The fact that she is so close to my age is something that I really liked. But I have been very cautious during this process so I don’t end up with a horrible experience.

We began to message each other on Facebook nearly every day. And it wasn’t small messages, if you were to copy them to Microsoft Word, they turn out to be about 2- 3 pages long on average! After talking for a few weeks, we decided to meet when mum and I went to visit Denmark for 2 weeks.

When we met them, it was amazing!
Mum still teases me because of how much Astrid and I were able to chat, since I am normally very shy with people I have never met.
Once we were talking with Astrid and her mum, we noticed that their family is a lot like ours which mum says will be a huge benefit for me.
They also have 2 small dogs! LOVE! And they just got a horse as well ๐Ÿ™‚
It is perfect!

Since my biggest fear has been homesickness, talking so frequently with Astrid helps me to look forward to it, and pulls me out of my anxiety!
She is already someone I would call a close friend! She is much more caring than most friends I have in Canada.
If she doesn’t have time to send me a long message she sometimes sends me just a little thing to show me she is thinking of me!

I actually thought that she would find it weird how calming I find it to talk to her today, but she knows the feeling. She went to Au Pair in Switzerland and didn’t have such a good experience. She was very lonely, so she understands the feeling and will be able to help pull me through.
Today I thanked her for all she has been doing lately and told her how much it helps and she responded saying:
“… I write you before we leave tommorrow, just wanted to say that im very happy each time i get a “letter” its great to get to know you;) and i like hearing what you are doing, and in this way you also know how our everydaylife is like, what we do and where we go..:)ย ๐Ÿ™‚ ”

Just her saying this is so amazing because it makes me feel like I will genuinely be wanted in her home and she is excited to have me. None of my friends are like that and it is just so nice. I am so grateful!
This is the short version because it’s late at night and I am very tired from lack of sleep!


Astrid and I