So last summer we were supposed to go to Denmark, but we ended up selling the house, so we weren’t able to take time off and afford a vacation with all of the fees of moving, plus new furniture! Our old stuff was too big to fit into this home.
As excited as I was to move to the big city from my small town, I was still disappointed that we weren’t going to make it across the ocean that year.
But I made it my goal to go this year.

Randomly a few months ago I started watching an online web series that teaches about Denmark and the Danish way.
I became a huge viewer and started watching videos and started from episode number 1. There are currently 100 episodes.
After each episode I would go to their recommended websites and it eventually led me to

I began by looking up all of the visas just for fun then I stumbled across some blogs. One was a young woman from Australia who has come to Denmark for a year as an Au Pair, so I figured that would be kind of cool. I saw she gave 2 websites where you can make a profile to  find someone to Au Pair for and they can find you too.
I decided it would be neat to go for maybe 3-6 months so I signed up on both of the websites, plus I found a few other websites on Google but I will tell you now, I didn’t find them to be as effective.

One of the websites is free for you to contact families and on the other you can make a profile but you cannot contact anyone, they however may contact you.
At first I thought it would be useless to join the paid one, but it is the one I have had the most success with.

If you want to be an AuPair comment and I can search for the websites and put them up 🙂

Here are the experiences I have had with the paid website.

1. I had a man with 2 children contact me, but I wanted a little bit more of a traditional family to stay with since I am already in a single parent family.
2. I had a family with 4 children contact me – their schedule was very hectic, and I wasn’t sure how I could handle 4 children.
3. Just recently I had a woman contact me asking if I was still available which I am not. I am not sure how many children because she said she would tell me more if I was still interested. She seemed very sweet in her message though.

Those 3 were just people I had a short contact with. Then I had 2 very serious inquiries.

1. A wife and husband with a young girl and boy, a cat and dog. They had 2 properties in Denmark, travel a lot (which I love) And owned their own hotel in the Caribbean. Needless to say, their offer was tempting. I did an interview over the phone with the wife and she suggested that my mum sit in on the conversation so she knows what is going on as well. Unfortunately, throughout the entire interview my mum spoke most of the time and in Danish which I dont fully understand, so I think I must have seemed kind of useless…

Well after the interview I had told the woman I was afraid of homesickness… which seemed to scare her off. She seems to be a very business type woman, and she has no use for B.S I could tell. She had said in the interview that she has never had someone from another country so this would be very different for them plus it is a lot of money for the family to pay on an Au Pair visa. She normally had girls from Denmark stay with them during the week and every other weekend they had the whole weekend off to go home. So I can see she wasn’t too comfortable with the thought of me being homesick. Plus she wanted me there for the whole year. The fact that I couldn’t feel any sympathy for me (childish, I know) made me nervous with committing to a full year. I wanted someone who might be able to understand how I’m feeling an realize that more than likely I will have some off days in the beginning.

Anyways, by the end of the interview mum had given her the schedule of where we’d be and when so that she could get back to me when it is good for her to meet up in person. We had also let her know that we need to know before we left. By the time we were getting on the air plane I had not heard from her, so assumed that she had backed out. She also didn’t send me the pictures of family she promised and I had shown her what she wanted to see.

When we got home, I discovered an email from her asking if we were available on June 5th. Oddly enough, that was the day I was meeting with my second family. So when we arrived back home on June 13th, I responded explaining that I hadn’t had internet access and that I had chosen another family.
I think that this was meant to be though, because I think it works better for their family with the danish girls that they hire. Plus this gave me an opportunity to meet a family which I truly connected with.

Don’t get me wrong though, I wish this family much luck with their search for an Au Pair that better suits their lifestyle, and I thank them for emerging me into the world of Au Pair. If they hadn’t messaged me I guarantee I would have forgot and left my account.

I will explain my second family in my next post because this is long, and you’re probably begging for a break at this point 🙂