So I figured I would tell you a bit about myself so you can have some idea of who I am.

Note: This is just a short summary 🙂

I am Amber Primdahl and I was born and raised in Ontario, Canada.
Even though I am Canadian, I was brought up to be Danish my whole life.
My grandparents are both from Denmark and immigrated to Canada as young adults.
After they had my mum, they moved back to Denmark for 12 years and my aunt and uncle were born while they lived in Denmark.
When my mum was a teenager they moved back to Canada and have lived here ever since. They do however venture back to Denmark every few years.

I have only been to Denmark twice in my life. I went for 2 weeks in May 2008. It was such an amazing experience!
I also went back this year from end of May to almost mid June 🙂
While I was there I met my host family, which I will speak about in my next post 🙂
This trip was also amazing because I am a photographer and this was my first experience to really be able to put my first professional camera  to use!
We have been back for a week and a half and I am still editing pictures!!

A bit about my life and WHY I am doing this.
Honestly, it’s nothing out of the ordinary.
I grew up in a small town and hated almost every moment of it.
I didn’t have many friends in elementary school and was teased and was an out cast because I was different.
The main reason of me being different was because I was used to Danish tradition and the Danish way and no one else understood.
I was very lucky as a child to have a very close family who loves me very much.
I attended Humber College for 2 years and dropped out of both of my programs “technically”.
The first year I was in a Media Foundation program which pretty well just gives you a taste of a bunch of different art programs together so you can build a portfolio or get an idea of what you want to do. For me, I wanted to get into Graphic Design, but I had to build a sketch book first. And for those who know me, know I cannot draw to save my LIFE!
Well, by some luck, I was accepted into the Humber Graphic Design and Advertising program, so I dropped out of Media Foundations 6 weeks early to work full time and save some money.
When I got into Graphic Design, the hours were crazy and I was awake LITERALLY almost 24/7 doing homework all the time.
My health started to decline and I was sleep deprived. But that’s not what caused me to leave.
I had one teacher  who not many liked and he was a harsh marker. I can live with someone failing my assignment if I know i did a bad job on it. Then I deserve it. But this man would write all over my work exclaiming “THIS IS SHIT!!! YOU HAVE NO TALENT”
So when that is put on your work, you cant even include it in your portfolio.
Come mid term I was failing his class by 1 percent!!!
I went to go talk with my program co-ordinator about it and all she had to say was, “Well he’s worked all over the world, he knows what he is talking about.”
So then I asked her if I had a future in Graphic Design because I couldn’t draw and she simply said, no.
Then as I was about to leave she asked, “If you can’t draw, who on EARTH would let you into this program?!?”
Well, obviously someone saw some talent. Given that most of my portfolio was photography.

So since I had no future and was failing some of my classes I was told I wouldn’t be allowed back the next semester so I dropped out to keep the failing marks from  tainting my transcript.

During the winter, I took an online university photography course and got my diploma quickly, but couldn’t get hired anywhere! Not even at a coffee shop!
So when this opportunity arose, I figured it would be perfect. Living with free room and board and working part time, I would have plenty of time to work on my photography. And at this point I would be able to call myself an International Photographer as well 🙂

So I am now looking forward with my head held high for this new exciting and terrifying adventure in my life!

I’m sorry that this was much longer than I had anticipated! When I get talking, it gets hard to contain myself.

I look forward to interacting with whoever reads this blog and I hope it is enjoyed. I know that I love to read other people’s blogs as well.


Nice to meet you 🙂